White Plains

White Plains, New  York is located in the south end of Westchester County. White Plains is the county seat and commercial hub of Westchester County and is just north of New York City. The population of White Plains is estimated to be around 58,000 people. However, according t the city government, daytime weekday population exceeds 250,000 people.

White Plains’ origin comes from the 17th century at the time of the Dutch settlement of Manhattan. The region was being farmed by members of the Mohican nation and was called “Quarropas”. To the traders it was known as “the White Plains”. It is not clear if this naming convention came from the the groves of white balsam that had covered the plains, or if it was from the heavy mist that hovered over the swamplands in the area.

More recently in the early 20th century, White Plains’ was developed into a dominant suburban shopping district that featured many well-known department and specialty stores. Some were even the first large-scale suburban branches for the businesses. Since then, White Plains has served as a dominant retail district in Westchester County, New York.