Wheelchair Lifts: Allowing easy mobility everywhere

Wheel Chair Lift

Why do you need one?

Wheelchair lifts are the key to making your establishment or home handicap accessible. If you or a loved one has been injured or constrained to a wheelchair, the wheelchair lift will ensure that anywhere you want to go, those in a wheelchair can too. Oftentimes in a home or business there will be a short stair case that is simply inaccessible for handicapped people. In this situation one may have to carry the person up the stairs, and oftentimes this just isn’t possible. In an old or new building, home or business, and inside or outside, this situation can be a tremendous hurdle for those in a wheelchair.

What to do about inaccessible areas?

The best way to make sure your residence is accessible is with the wheelchair lift. Most of the time there is a limited space issue. There may not be room for a ramp or other option. Also, there may be construction issues holding you back from any other option. The wheelchair lift is the practical choice to traverse any area with stairs in a wheelchair.


  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Fully enclosed or shaftway model
  • Gates
  • Doors
  • Different Colors

No matter the situation, the wheelchair lift provided by Next Level Elevator Services will meet the needs of the customer. We offer straight or curved incline wheelchair lifts that provide a safe alternative to overcoming stairs. There is nothing worse than an accident involving someone already bound to a wheelchair. With a wheelchair lift, there is one less worry in your life.

Why are wheelchair lifts the best choice?

Wheelchair lifts are made with the Americans with Disabilities Act in mind AND built according to the procedures of the American Society of Engineers. On top of that, they are cost effective compared to other choices. It does not matter the special situation you are in, the only thing that matters is you knowing that your condition will be handled with care.