The city of Queens is the largest borough located in New York City. It is located directly adjacent to the second largest borough, Brooklyn, and also shares a waterway with Manhattan. Queens was founded in 1683 by the Dutch and was then established as its own borough in 1898 after its beach communities began attracting tourists. Today, Queens is predominantly residential with a population of approximately 2,333,054 people. It is also home to manufacturing companies, storage, and shipping facilities along the East River.

The Queens borough has been known for its artistic movement in a punk rock display for many years. Queens has also been an important location for African-American culture, jazz industries, and hip-hop artists. Queens is a major culturally diverse town that has made a major impact on the world today. It is also home to many galleries such as the John Bowne House, the New York Hall of Science and the Noguchi Museum. Along with Queen’s many cultural institutions, it is also home to the MLB’s New York Mets. The borough of Queens, New York has become a popular place to visit and live.