Multi-Level Building Elevator Repairs

In multi-level buildings, elevator repairs are necessary. They are not always just for convenience, they are used many times on a daily basis for those who are trying to get to work on time and also for deliveries. Normal wear and tear and age all affect the performance and look of an elevator. Well – functioning elevators are essential for your business and living spaces. Let us make sure that your elevator down time is minimized and get the repairs done right, every time. We ensure proper service of your elevator. We also specialize in modernization, testing and new construction. Updating and maintenance are part of what we do.By servicing a huge variety of elevator brands and models, we have been able to accommodate major clients like universities, hospitals, and federal, state and municipal buildings as well as small commercial applications.

You will receive superior customer service before, during and after installations, repairs and/or services. We use the highest quality materials.Allow us to help figure out your needs whether it is repair, updates or modernization.

There are three main reasons to have your elevator regularly maintained: 1. to maintain your operating license, adhere to regulations, 2. Safety, about 30 people die each year in elevator and escalator related incidents, and thousands more are injured. 3. Cost savings: When regularly maintained, you can rest easy knowing that all of your equipment is up to date and safe. We do inspections using state of the art technology and work to be sure you don’t get any elevator violations resulting in fines and penalties as nearly one-third of elevators in North Carolina fail inspection. We always provide safe and reliable elevator services.