Material Lifts, Your New Heavy Lifter

Why Material Lifts?

The best way to transport heavy materials is now with Next Level Elevators. Stop using fork lifts or even manpower to transport industrial materials in factories and warehouses. Next Level can install a material lift that will fit your specifications and find the most efficient way to install the lift. Inside or outside, Next Level can deliver.

A few reasons why material lifts are the best choice include:

  • Less costly than elevators
  • Hydraulics or cable drivers available
  • Customized installation
  • Low maintenance
  • High productivity
  • Floor mounted
  • Shallow Pit
  • Varied platform sizes

What about lifts for multiple floors?

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors are a type of material lift. VRC’s move materials from one level to another. Another name for these lifts is freight only elevators and industrial lifts. VRC’s are the perfect solution for moving heavy materials from one floor to other floors of a building. Using strong columns, the VRC’s are guided to multiple levels efficiently. The columns provide a duct that will guarantee the safety of materials and the safety of those operating the mechanism. In any working environment involving heavy materials, manpower is wasted by carrying such materials floor to floor. VRC’s eliminate this inefficiency by supplying a lift capable of handling a range of weights tailored to fit your needs. Material lifts are the answer to any heavy machinery or heavy material problem. Not only are they compact, but they are more cost effective than normal elevators.

Who can use them?

Material lifts are catered to serve a variety of different industries, the most prominent of these industries being vehicle manufacturers. In addition to this, material lifts provide solutions to moving office supplies, boxes, or files safely. They can be used to lift parts in a storage or manufacturing facility. In a warehouse the material lifts can lift items straight from the freight trucks. Distribution centers, printing, funeral homes, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and airports are a small list of places that can use material lifts, and getting them in your business is just one call away.