L.U.L.A Elevators

Lula elevator

What is a L.U.L.A Elevator?

Limited use limited application elevators (L.U.L.A) are perfect for installation within a private setting as well as a commercial application with a limited amount of space. L.U.L.A elevators provided by Next Level Elevator are the cost-effective solution for clients that need to provide accessibility while also being better on the pockets.

How is a L.U.L.A Elevator Different?

Next Level L.U.L.A Elevators are a limited use hybrid between a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift that perform like a traditional elevator. Although, their true purpose is to allow handicapped residents or visitors to enter a building. A L.U.L.A elevator may span up to 25 feet vertically with 18 square feet of floor space. Also, a L.U.L.A elevator may travel at speeds of 30 feet per minute while carrying up to 1,400 pounds.

Commercial Applications

  • ¬†Apartment Buildings
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Municipal Properties
  • New/Old Construction

The L.U.L.A elevator has the functionality of a traditional elevator while serving the primary function of providing accessibility. With these specialties considered it is evident that you need to contact Next Level Elevator today.