Chair Lifts

Chair Lifts Keep Us Moving

Custom chair lifts keeps our home accessible for everyone.
As we get older, it’s only natural that it starts to get hard walking up and down the stairs all day long. Some people think that the answer is to move into a one story home, but that’s not the best option for everyone. Perhaps this is the place where we raised our family, or the last place we were able to spend time with our deceased spouse. Whatever the reason, moving isn’t always the answer. Stairs can be built out to be more friendly for the elderly. This starts with a chair or stair lift.

Generally, an elevator technician can properly install a stairlift to keep seniors moving, even when it gets hard. Stair lifts can be built both on curved and straight walls. Lifts can even be installed in or outdoors. The fact that they can help us get up and down our stairs is just the beginning of the convenience that these home elevators can offer. Install a chair that fits our needs with fold up arms and legs. Units can be remote controlled and built with a swivel seat. To keep us safe, each chair is set up with a safety belt and even safety sensors to prevent collisions.

A completely customized, quietly operating chair lift can be installed by a talented, well-trained elevator company like Next Level Elevator. This professional business will come over today for a free in-house evaluation. For anyone in Westchester, Yonkers, and New York, New York Next Level Elevator should be the go-to source for any lift or elevator needs. Aside from chair lifts and stairlifts, Next Level can handle dumbwaiters, home elevators, maintenance lifts, and even regular elevator service.

A chair lift can be a necessary addition to anyone who is having trouble walking. Let Next Level Elevator keep you moving.