Brooklyn is one of New York City’s five boroughs. This city was originally established in the 17th century when the Dutch founded it and named it “Breuckelen.” As Brooklyn aged the population grew, it officially united with New York City in 1898. Although Brooklyn was declared a part of New York City, it along with the other boroughs displays distinct cultures. Brooklyn is known for its ethnic neighborhoods and their official motto is, “Unity makes strength.”

Brooklyn averages to 97 square miles, making it the second largest borough of New York City. Today, the large city has a population of approximately 2,629,150 people. Brooklyn is a major city for professional sports, as they are home to the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the NHL’s New York Islanders. Recreational fishing is also a popular activity in this large borough and they have one of the largest, most active fishing fleets in the United States. Being located on multiple waterways, Brooklyn has become a major shipping port. New York’s cruise industry is rapidly growing, making the Brooklyn Army Terminal a popular location. The New York City Ferry also makes a stop at northeastern Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New York is a popular town that offers multiple amenities for its residents and travelers.